Just enrolled in ISSA

In recent  years I have felt I needed more in my physical fitness training. With the strength and conditioning training that  accompanied martial arts was not enough for me. A few years ago I started to take weight lifting sessions from a professional personal trainer and that kicked off my interest in physical fitness. I felt that weight lifting was a great compliment to martial arts training, even though my intentions was not to gain massive amounts of muscle, but I felt the needs of developing all muscle groups was deemed necessary for physical fitness even for the martial artist. After my enlistment to the United States military, made me realize that physical fitness is a big part to a healthy lifestyle, especially for a soldier.

After some research I have decided to enroll in ISSA’s personal trainer certification course. It looked like the best option for me as a current deployed soldier in the middle-east. The course is self paced which will allow me to take all the time that I need and test for certification online. I hope that this course will further my martial arts, stay tune to see what happens.

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