Fists, Bats, Knives, and Guns….

Currently I am conducting research and study of different weapons used in different attacks. The results of these attacks are used for many purposes. I have specifically looked at  how the results of attacks have been used in martial arts and self-defense instructions. My initial findings have been very interesting.

9 thoughts on “Fists, Bats, Knives, and Guns….

  1. Well my initial findings were interesting, because I have found that most programs do not educate weapon awareness and the programs that taught hand to hand combat do not effectively incorporated weapons into training effectively for someone to retain after training. I am still conducting research on this matter and hope to be able to speak more about the subject soon.

    Dan thank you for the video, Inosanto is definitely a good resource to the martial arts community.

    Let me ask you guys this, if you were in a physical altercation would you think that a weapon could be involved? and if so what weapons could you be possibly be confronted with and why?

  2. i think a weapon would definitely be involved in a civilian altercation for myself. because i love to use the surroundings for an advantage. pushing the enemy backwards into something they do not see, using walls to corner them, utilising various objects like a chair, bottle, knife, pen, steel toe boots…

    we totally have to get a shock knife at . looks like a great training tool.

    check out fitch getting to play:

  3. David – my personal feeling is that when comes to a physical altercation or confrontation it is best to assume that your opponent is armed and that there are multiple opponents (even if you don’t see them.)

    I think the weapon most likely to be seen is a knife, followed by various environmental make-shifts, such as bottles, beer mugs, etc.

    I feel the video demonstrates how dangerous a knife (or any other hand-held cutting weapon) is at close range – and how little our current training prepares us to deal with such a threat.

  4. Thank you Dan for your comments. Your thoughts are on the right track. Many people that train in martial arts do not fully realize the depth in training for self-defense in general.

    I do feel that many martial artists can further educate them selves to many other possibilities that are out there if they choose to, and I think it would not be difficult for them to acquire in a shorter amount of time, as apposed to someone that did not have any martial arts training at all.

    I think videos are helpful, especially in a class setting. I think they can be a very good learning tool to have during a class. This gives me an idea.

    Thank you Dan.

  5. Eric thanks for the vid. That shock knife training is the same that I received during my first combatives certification. I can tell you the shock factor really makes you respect that blade, but what is great about the training tool is that it is safe to use!

    Maybe in the future I can set up a shock knife seminar? I just need to talk the shock knife instructors to come down to Boston.

    Thank you Eric.

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