85yr-old Karate Sensei Cuts the Cake

The great karateka Jack Summers Sensei celebrated his 85th birthday on November 5, 2011. The birthday party organized by Senpai, turned out to be a beautiful success.

Jack Summers Sensei is currently a Hanshi (Grandmaster title in Okinawan Karate), a 9th degree black belt in the Uechi Ryu style of Karate. Summers Sensei also had training in boxing and jujitsu, which really complimented him to be a great martial artist.

The party was held at a local bar, which filled up quickly for the celebration. It was nice to see all the people who attended. There was of course many of the members from our dojo, but was also nice to see people from other dojos.

What was really nice, a person from another dojo spent the time to contact all the different people who knows Summers Sensei from around the country, Europe, and Okinawa to send their regards. Most of which was printed from e-mails, then placed in a binder and given to Summers Sensei.

People brought sweets, ordered pizza and of course cooked hotdogs (Summers Sensei’s favorite). Good conversions were had and many alcoholic drinks toasted.

Happy Birthday to the greatest Sensei of my lifetime.

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